Rising Sky – Exhibition

Konst #5: November 16 – December 15, 2013

Exhibition Rising sky by Agata Wolanska and Vanessa Montalbano


— “The sky invites itself into the space as on the ceilings of Versailles: down, inside, outside.”

— “Space in space.”

— “There is a trick: it is lying to you.”

— “Putting spaces in a space is not what it seems. Talking about out-of-space perception in the perception of interior space is what makes you think it is what it seems. Everything is perception. Which of these illusions is lying to you most?”

— “The opposite is the inside-out and put into the abyss outside – a mirage. The inside from the outside comes inside.”


— “The photographer manipulates you, unless it is a space. Space. Is space what you believe?”

— “Perception: idea, more or less clear understanding of something.”

— “This is a montage.”

— “No, it’s a sham.”


— “The sky seems small. It is the human that is great. The outdoor area of the interior habitat. The building, a small urban and geometric space rises to the sky. The sky is great. The human is small.”


— “Should we look at the sky or see the building?”

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— “Your eye is an accomplice, the space is empty. Your vision is lying to you.”

— “Do you understand or perceive that you understand what you think you see? Or do you understand that what you think you see is not noticeable?”



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